Organizing Team

Image of the organizing team

Meet the organizing team.

From left to right:

Ana-Hermina Ghenu (PhD Student): For her PhD, Hermina is integrating fitness landscapes theory with bacterial experimental evolution, by studying antibiotic resistance across environments. On the weekends when she’s not asleep, Hermina climbs rocks.
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Inês Fragata (post-doc): Inês uses a combination of experimental evolution data and theoretical modeling to study adaptation to different types of environments. When she is not in the lab, she is playing board games or trying to play the guitar.
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Hugo Barreto (PhD Student): Hugo is a microbiologist that grew fond of evolution in different environments, and is now developing his PhD project studying bacterial adaptation in aging individuals. On the side, he is his hometown cheese dealer and a not-so-good football player.
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Tanja Đapa (post-doc): Tanja Is the bacterial geneticist of the group. She really believes bacteria are almighty, and she loves studying them and seeing them evolving in front of her eyes, on her lab bench. For the rest, Tanja loves the sea, the world, owls, and red, especially the red.
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Ricardo Ramiro (post-doc): Ricardo believes he is an evolutionary ecologist, who studies bacterial adaptation in the context of the mammalian gut. He also believes he likes cycling, but mostly he likes food.
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